Ridgecrest Community Conversation

June 2022 Update - Community Survey

The City of Ridgecrest has commissioned GRA and McGuire Research, independent research firms, to conduct research on important issues in the City of Ridgecrest. Respondents may be contacted by email, text, or telephone. 

Your individual responses are entirely confidential and anonymous; and will be used for research purposes only. Your individual data will not be sold or provided to anyone. You will not be approached for any other reason - we are only interested in your opinions. 

We would appreciate your response. 

For further information, the purpose of this survey or the City of Ridgecrest, please contact: community_survey@ridgecrest-ca.gov

April 2021 Survey Results


Through the Ridgecrest Community Conversation, we’ve engaged several local community groups and received hundreds of responses – thank you!   We’ve asked you about your local needs and priorities and we are listening. 

Here are some of top local City service priorities the community has identified:

  • Maintaining 911 emergency response times
  • Maintaining emergency medical response
  • Continuing City street and pothole repair 
  • Maintaining Ridgecrest Fire Services and keeping both fire stations open full time 
  • Maintaining programs to improve the local economy and job creation
If you haven’t yet participated, please join The Ridgecrest Community Conversation and provide your feedback and priorities on local needs and City services. Take the survey here: ​Join the Conversation​​​

What is the Ridgecrest Community Conversation?

As we begin to reopen our economy and continue the path toward recovery, the City would like to hear from you on your needs and priorities.

In April of 2021, a public opinion survey was given to residents of Ridgecrest. The information below reflects the responses of the 502 participants who submitted the survey. If you participated, thank you!

62point5 percent satisfaction

What were the key takeaways from the first resident survey? 

   Based on the results of the survey:


  Repairing our local streets and roads is one of our top priorities, and our residents have indicated the same.

"The community has said they would like us to accelerate street repairs. As doing so will keep infrastructure from becoming more costly in the future, we're happy to comply."

- Ron Strand, City Manager

How can you get involved?

  Now we would like to expand this conversation City-wide to hear from ALL of our residents through this page, and a quick (2 minute) follow-up survey. Please take a moment to complete the survey here:

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The results of the April 2021 Community Satisfaction & Priorities Survey are reported in the slides below: