Planning Documents

City of Ridgecrest General Plan
The City of Ridgecrest General Plan and Housing Element includes the Land Use Map, and are the umbrella documents that allow the City to plan future development. The General Plan intends to set the City's goals for development approvals, and land use rules. The Housing Element is one of the General Plan Elements. It is intended to provide citizens and public officials with an understanding of the housing needs in the community and set forth an integrated set of policies and programs aimed at the attainment of defined goals. 

City of Ridgecrest Zoning Code
The City of Ridgecrest Municipal Code Chapter 106 (Zoning) is the local law which contains detailed standards and procedures. The ordinance divides the City into various zoning districts with different land uses permitted in each district. Zoning establishes regulations pertaining to lot size, building density, setbacks, and other development standards. 

Annual Progress Reports

The General Plan and Housing Element Progress Report demonstrates the progress of City Council and Planning Commission in the implement the General Plan and Housing Element Goals. 

2021 General Plan & Housing Element APR

2020 General Plan & Housing Element APR

2019 General Plan & Housing Element APR