A Night on Balsam

Boos OFF Balsam - Oct_28_2023 (Instagram Post)

Same Great Event, WITH New SPOOKY FUN, Temporarily Relocated.

Come enjoy an evening with live music, a variety of food vendors,

and visiting breweries & wineries!


Prior "A Night on Balsam" Events

  •  A Night OFF Balsam, August 12, 2023- Relocated temporarily to in front of City Hall due to planned construction on Balsam St.
    • Music: Drivin' 395, The Silent Dj, 14 food vendors, Tehachapi Winery, Pianetta Winery, Tehachapi Wine & Cattle Co., Bravery Brewing, Crusader Brewing Co., Kern RIver Brewing
  • A Night on Balsam, May 19, 2023 - Feature